Cookie Policy

Last updated: February 21, 2020

Barcelona Sportstech Hub23 hereby informs users of its website that it employs cookies to enhance user experience and guarantee the optimal functioning of the site.

1. What is a cookie?

A cookie (also known as a browser cookie or tracking cookie) is a small file sent by a website to a user’s web browser that records his or her browsing activity. Its main functions are:

  • Monitor user access
  • Track users’ browsing habits


2. What types of cookies does this website use?

This website using the following cookies:

Google Analytics cookies

Each time a user visits a site, Google Analytics installs an analytic cookie in his or her browser that is used strictly for statistical purposes. This cookie, which is only generated when a user visits the website, allows Barcelona Sportstech Hub23 to gather anonymous information concerning user activity.

The anonymous identification of visitors (which involves identifying browsers and devices rather than individuals) allows administrators to: determine the approximate number of people that have visited their site, and
distinguish between new and returning users.

You can find further information about Google Analytics cookies at

Geolocation cookies

This type of cookie is used to customise content according to a user’s geographic location. The information they store on a user’s computer or device is employed to tailor content offered on the basis of his or her city and country of residence and/or language preference.

This website does not employ advertising cookies, which are the type of cookie used to generate personalised advertising to users of the site.

External social media cookies

This type of cookie allows visitors to interact and share content via social media platforms.


3. How does one desactivate and block cookies?

Most Web browsers allow users to prevent the download of cookies. Check your browser menu to review the user preference setting options it offers. If you wish to restrict, block or delete cookies, all you have to do is adjust these settings. Every browser offers slightly different configuration options. The links below provide information about cookie management for today’s most popular browsers.



4. Who makes use of the information gathered by means of cookies on this website?

The information generated by cookies on this website is processed by Barcelona Sportstech Hub23, which uses Google Analytics to measure user interaction with the content it offers. More information regarding the terms and conditions of Google Analytics is available at

The following social media platforms each have their own cookie policies.

  • Facebook
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  • Instagram
  • Youtube


5. Modifications to this cookie policy

Barcelona Sportstech Hub23 reserves the right to make any modifications to this cookie policy necessary to ensure its compliance with applicable legislation and new regulations established by the Spanish Agency for the Protection of Data. Given that said policy may change as a result of new interpretations issued by competent regulatory agencies, judges or courts, we request that users occasionally review this content.